87300-05 - Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset

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The Voyager Legend ™ is the new Voyager Bluetooth headset family which improves audio quality and everyday comfort. By combining three microphones that cancel noise and wind noise, with voice commands and Smart Sensor ™ technology, Voyager Legend understands how and when you want to talk. Voyager Legend is also able to say the name of who is calling and you can answer the call by simply saying "Answer".

Technical features:

  • Smart Sensor Technology ™
  • multiple microphones that improve voice quality and eliminates background noise
  • button on the headset to learn about the battery level, connection status and call
  • Announce the name calling in and saying "answer" answer or saying "ignore" the call is declined
  • Volume keys on your headset
  • Talk time of 7 hours
  • Charging the battery full in 90 minutes
  • lightweight design, weighing about 18 grams